Ercole Barovier was born in Murano, an island near Venice, in 1889. He began working in his family's glass workshop at the age of 20 and quickly developed exceptional skills in glass design and production. He worked with many renowned artists and designers during his career, including Gio Ponti, Carlo Scarpa and Fulvio Bianconi.

Barovier headed the Barovier & Toso company, founded in 1936, which became one of Murano's leading glass production companies. He was also a pioneer in the use of new techniques and technologies to produce unique and innovative glass pieces. In particular, he was the first to use machines to produce glass in different colors at the same time, a technique that revolutionized the glass industry.

Ercole Barovier died in 1974, but his legacy continues to influence the glass and design industry to this day. His works are exhibited in many prestigious museums around the world, and are much sought-after by collectors.

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