Mario Bellini

In worldwide, he is perceived as a talented designer thanks to the high accuracy of his creations. He designed a variety of pieces of furniture but also information technology tools. The legendary “Cab” chair (1977), the “La Basilica” and “Il Colonnato” chair but also the lamps for Artemid are part of his major creations. Biography Mario Bellini was born in 1935 in Milan, city where he studied architecture at the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. He began his career by working for the La Rinascente shops. Then, he has been in charge of the design for Olivetti, he was responsible for the creation of pocket calculator and ergonomic keyboards. His work is quickly appreciated by the professionals of design, he received a large number of rewards. He has been design counselor for Renault, then teacher at the University of Applied Arts in Vienne, at the Domus Academy in Milan and at the University of Genoa. His knowledge about design is renowned in worldwide, he is regarded as a reference thanks to the aestheticism and the high quality of his work.

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