1899 - 1986


Mart Stam revolutionized design. The Cantilever chair, also known as the "S33 chair", is a technical feat, since the seat is supported without back legs thanks to the use of steel tubes. This creation demonstrates his interest in functionality.


Mart Stam was born in the Netherlands in 1899. He studied at the Ecole Royale des Hautes Études, then worked for an architectural firm until 1922. The following year, he founded the "ABC" magazine with several Swiss architects. The designer moved to Berlin and invented the Cantilever chair, using steel tubes. Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe were enthusiastic about this revolutionary creation. They drew inspiration from it for their designs, and Breuer even took credit for the invention! The case went to court, and Stam emerged victorious. In 1930, Stam left for the USSR with 19 other architects and town planners to create a series of Stalinist cities. On his return to the Netherlands, Stam was appointed Director of the Institute of Industrial Arts, then Director of the Higher Institute of the Arts in Berlin.

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