Moller (Niels Otto)
1920 - 1982

Niels Otto Moller

The pieces of furniture designed by Moller are really elegant and high quality. They are made in teak or rosewood. His creations are representative of the Danish post-war style. The 75 chairs are really appreciated by the design lovers. Biography Niels Otto Moller was born in 1920 in Denmark. In 1939, he started his studies by a cabinet maker training, and then he studied design in Arhus. In 1944, he founded the J.L.Mollers Mobelfabrik Company which is dedicated to furniture production with strict technical production. The pieces of furniture which are produced by Mobelfabrik are characterized by simple and timeless curves. The company received prestigious rewards such as the Danish Furniture Prize in 1974 and in 1981. J.L.Mollers Mobelbrik still exists. This is always a familial company which is managed by Jorgen Henrik Moller, the son of Niels Otto Moller.

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