Early in his career, he worked as an art critic and editor, before turning to interior and furniture design in the 1930s. He began working with the Italian furniture company Minotti, where he designed modern, elegant pieces of furniture.

Over time, Radice became one of the most influential designers of his time, associated with the Italian modernist movement that emerged after the Second World War. He created furniture in wood and metal with clean, elegant lines, often in collaboration with renowned artists and craftsmen.

Radice's most famous pieces are probably his brass shelves, which were produced by the Italian company Azucena in the 1950s. His creations have been exhibited in museums around the world, including New York's MoMA and London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

Today, Radice's legacy is still visible in many Italian homes and interiors, where his furniture and designs are still highly appreciated for their timeless elegance.

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