Thorsson began his career at Royal Copenhagen as an apprentice in 1912, becoming a designer in 1917. In the 1920s and 1930s, he worked on Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs for the company, before turning to more modern designs after the Second World War.

One of Thorsson's most famous designs is the Baca series, which was first produced in 1954. The series included ceramic vases and dishes, decorated with floral motifs in bright colors. Thorsson also designed the Tenera series in the 1960s, which featured organic shapes and bold colors.

Thorsson received numerous awards for his work throughout his career, including the Gold Medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1925 and the Eckersberg Medal in 1968 for his contribution to Danish art. His designs are still highly appreciated today and can be found in museum collections around the world.

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