Nylund worked for several Swedish ceramics companies, including Rörstrand and Strömbergshyttan, before joining Danish firm Bing & Grøndahl in 1943. He worked for Bing & Grøndahl for over 20 years, becoming the company's artistic director in 1955. Under Nylund's direction, Bing & Grøndahl produced many famous designs, such as the Baca vase collection and the Aquila series of animal sculptures.

Nylund's designs were often characterized by simplicity and functionality, with skilful use of color and organic forms. He was influenced by modernist art movements such as Bauhaus and Art Deco, as well as by the forms and motifs of nature. Nylund's designs have become highly sought-after by collectors and ceramic enthusiasts alike, and are considered examples of the golden age of Scandinavian ceramics.

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