Vandenbeuck began his career working for his father's interior design company. In 1947, he joined the Belgian coachbuilding company, "d'Ieteren Frères", where he designed bodies for brands such as Volkswagen and Porsche.

In 1954, Vandenbeuck was recruited by Jean Daninos, the founder of Facel Vega, to become the company's design director. Under his leadership, Facel Vega produced elegant luxury cars, including the HK500 and Excellence. Vandenbeuck also worked on projects for other brands, including Panhard, Aston Martin and Bugatti.

After Facel Vega went bankrupt in 1964, Vandenbeuck continued his career as a freelance designer, working on various projects for the German brand NSU and the Italian design company Frua.

André Vandenbeuck won several awards for his work as an automotive designer, including the Grand Prix de l'Automobile Club de France in 1958 for the Facel Vega HK500.

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