In 1958, Rasmussen joined the Danish furniture company Engelbrechts and quickly became one of the company's most important designers. He is best known for his chair designs, such as the SIESTA chair, the Krypton chair and the KEVI chair.

The SIESTA chair is considered one of Rasmussen's most iconic creations. The chair was designed in 1965 and became a very popular piece of furniture in the 1970s. It is known for its simple, functional design, with a chrome-plated steel frame and canvas seat.

Rasmussen won numerous awards during his career, including the Danish ID prize and the Danish National Art Foundation prize in 1970. His creations have also been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries around the world.

During his lifetime, Jorgen Rasmussen made a significant contribution to the development of Danish industrial design and left an important legacy in the field of designer furniture.

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