1966 - 1974

Archizoom associati

Archizoom associati has distinguished itself through its critical approach to design and architecture, challenging established conventions and exploring new forms of expression. They sought to expand the boundaries of design by drawing inspiration from the social, cultural and political context of the time.

The collective produced a number of iconic projects that reflect their radical vision. Among the most famous was "No-Stop City", a utopian proposal for an endless megalopolis, where architecture would merge into an infinite urban landscape. This project challenged traditional ideas of urbanism and urban planning.

Archizoom associati also designed highly original furniture and objects, often imbued with humor and provocation. Their work was characterized by the use of unconventional materials and the pursuit of a bold new aesthetic.

The group took part in numerous international exhibitions and events, helping to spread their radical ideas. Despite their dissolution in 1974, Archizoom associati's influence on design and architecture endures to this day, and their legacy continues to inspire many creators.

Archizoom associati left their mark on the history of design by pushing back the boundaries of the discipline and encouraging critical reflection on the built environment. Their visionary and subversive approach has helped shape the landscape of contemporary design.

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