Giancarlo MATTIOLI

Mattioli studied architecture at the University of Florence, where he developed a particular interest in industrial design. After graduating, he began working as a designer and architect, focusing primarily on everyday objects such as furniture and lighting fixtures.

In 1962, Mattioli created his most famous and iconic piece, known as the "Nesso". It was a plastic table lamp that instantly captured the attention of the design world. The Nesso was a true innovation at the time, with its organic design and elegant curves. It became a symbol of Italian design in the 1960s.

Mattioli's career was marked by his interest in new technologies and innovative materials. He used plastic and other synthetic materials to create bold, futuristic shapes. His creations were often characterized by fluid lines and sculptural silhouettes.

In addition to the Nesso, Giancarlo Mattioli designed many other successful lighting fixtures and design objects, including the "Bolla" lamp and the "Spider" chair. His creations were often considered icons of modern design and helped shape the aesthetics of the time.

Giancarlo Mattioli left a lasting imprint on the world of design, pushing the boundaries of creativity and introducing new forms and materials to the field. His work continues to inspire designers today, and he is widely recognized as one of the great innovators of twentieth-century Italian design.

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