Vintage Berber carpet Béni Ouarain in yellow color

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Béni Ouarain yellow Berber rugs embody a warm, sunny glow in the world of textiles. Born of the rich artisan tradition of Morocco's Berber tribes, these rugs take their name from the Béni Ouarain region where they are traditionally made. Recognizable by their bright yellow color and distinctive geometric patterns, these rugs evoke the cultural heritage and ancestral art of Berber craftsmen. The yellow color of Béni Ouarain rugs brings a feeling of luminosity and vitality to any space. It evokes the sun's rays that warm the High Atlas mountains, where these carpets are meticulously hand-woven. The yellow hue is often obtained from natural dyes, adding an organic depth and connection to the earth to these unique pieces. The geometric patterns on yellow Béni Ouarain rugs are just as striking as their color. These abstract patterns, often composed of straight lines, diamonds and simple geometric shapes, tell ancient stories and convey profound symbolic messages. Each motif is loaded with meaning, representing elements of nature, cultural traditions or the spiritual beliefs of Berber communities. Reference : 310808

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