Vintage ceramic vase by Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslovakia 1960s


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A vase with an unconventional retro design. The surface of the vase is shiny glazed in shades of brown. Manufacturer: Ditmar Urbach AG, Znojmo, Czechoslovakia Production period approx.: 1960 Condition: good vintage condition, no chips or cracks, slight deposits inside. Dimensions in inches: height 8.7 in | base diameter 2.8 in | width 3 in. | thickness 3.9 in | inlet diameter 1.6 in Weight: 706g Dimensions: height 22 cm | base diameter 7 cm | width 7.5cm | thickness 10 cm | inlet diameter 4 cm Weight: 706g In 1878, a ceramic company was established in Znojmo, whose founder and first owner was a former centurion of the Austro-Hungarian army, Dr. Rudolf Ditmar. It was the first company of this type in Europe. The construction of factory buildings began in 1879 and lasted a year, in 1880 the company began operations. A factory building, a residential house, stables and gardens were built. In the first stage, the plant produced well-known Znojmo dishes and partly rustic majolica. Over time, the production of artistic products and table lamps began, and from 1884, medical and utility ceramics were gradually shipped. In addition, tiles and construction ceramics were produced until the death of R. Ditmar. Rudolf Ditmar died in Vienna in 1895, and the company fell into the hands of his heirs - son Gerhard and three daughters. In 1904, Rudolf Ditmar Erben founded the public trading company Kunstthonwarenfabrik in Znaim. The factory continued to prosper. In 1909, the new owners were Richard and Oskar Lichtenstern, who owned a pottery workshop in Lower Austria. They did not change the name or brand (winged gear with a capital Z). However, they stopped the production of artistic ceramics and focused on the mechanical production of medical and utility ceramics. The company, led by the Lichtenstern brothers, had offices in Prague, Milan, Zurich, Hamburg and Mumbai and employed up to 600 people. In 1919, cooperation with the plant in Teplice began, and in 1924 with a.s. Ditmar - Urbach, renamed during the occupation to Ostmark-Keramik A.G. Thanks to the construction of two tunnel kilns (in 1928 and 1937-38), the factory became one of the most modernly equipped in the field of ceramics production in Europe. Thanks to their quality, the products of this factory quickly became very popular and were sold on markets throughout Europe. On March 1, 1945, the factory was bombed and production stopped. At the end of 1945, the factory was nationalized. At that time, it was also significantly modernized and since 1950 it has been named after the national enterprise Znojemská keramika. In 1958, the company changed its name to Keramické závody n.p. I know. In 1961, a modern ceramics factory was established in Bechyn. In 1990 Znojmo Ceramic Works a.s. In 1995, Keramik Holding AG Laufen privatized Keramické závody a.s. I know. In 1999, the company LAUFEN CZ was founded, which is still based in the factory in Znojmo and produces sanitary ceramics there. The typical designation Ditmar-Urbach Made in the Czech Republic with a winged letter Z in the middle has been used since 1919. "Made in Czechoslovakia" is a very popular term for collectors. This name, which first appeared after 1918, appeared on glassware. , porcelain, pottery and other decorative items, all of which were hand painted. Reference : 279625

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11 cm
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Eastern Europe
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