Quickly, he developed an interest in new materials such as fiberglass and plastic, but also in audacious forms and flashy colors. He achieved great success thanks to the mythic “Ball Chair” (1963) and the original sound perceptions that this piece suggests. The “Pony” armchair (1972) which is similar to a toy and the “Pastille” seat (1968) are the reflection of his pop style. Biography Eero Aarnio was born in 1932 in Helsinki. He founded his own agency in 1962 after art and design studies. Initially, he used natural materials like wicker. However, he was convinced that the design is in perpetual growth so he discovered plastic, fiberglass and then plywood. One year after the foundation of his agency, Aarnio became renowned by his design the Ball Chair. Therefore, he is seen as an original among the grand designers because of his colored, pop and audacious style. However, contrary to what one might think, he did not agree with the disposable trend from the 60s: he wanted to create sustainable pieces of furniture. Thanks to his approach, he is international renowned.

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