1916 - 2001

Marco Zanuso

During his entire career, the designer studied the different production steps to develop several experimentations and innovations. He also reflected on the sociocultural issues. His creative and innovative approach can be seen in his pieces of furniture like the Lady armchair (1951), the Lambda chair (1963) and the 275 lamp (1965). Biography Marco Zanuso was born in 1916 in Italy. He studied architecture at the Polytechnic School of Milan and after he founded his own studio in 1945. He co-edited the Domus magazine with Ernesto N.Rogers. During his life, he received several rewards: many gold medals, the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennial but also five Compasso d’Oro between 1956 and 1985. In 1957, Zanuso started to collaborate with Richard Sapper, a famous designer. They produced together a real functional range of televisions and radio stations. These products influenced the use of plastics for the consumer products and caused a reduction in the prices.

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