1903 - 1978

Jindrich Halabala

The pieces of furniture designed by halabala are well-known for the quality, convenience and robustness. They are really adaptable for all the interiors thanks to the right balance between aestheticism and functionality. Armchairs, shelvesÔÇŽ His creations always seduce the design lovers. Biography Jindrich Halabala was born in 1903 in Czech Republic. He worked as a trainee in the workshop of his father. After several experiences and knowledge development about wood, he studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. Graduated in 1926, he joined the Bohumil H├╝bschmann studio in Prague then he worked for the UP Company as an Artistic Director. The company adapted his process production to the new kinds of consumption and mass-produced. Halabala had consequently new responsibilities. The enterprise produced pieces of furniture based on the HalabalaÔÇÖs design. The furniture produced is well-known for the high quality, comparable to the excellent European manufactures.

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