Rietveld (Gerrit)
1888 - 1964


Rietveld began his career working in his father's carpentry workshop. He then studied cabinetmaking and furniture design at the Utrecht School of Arts and Crafts. In 1917, he joined the De Stijl movement, which advocated a minimalist, geometric aesthetic.

Rietveld began designing furniture that reflected these principles, including the famous Red and Blue Chair (1917-1918), which became a symbol of the De Stijl aesthetic. He also designed buildings, including the Schröder House in Utrecht (1924), which is considered an important example of modern architecture.

Throughout his career, Rietveld continued to experiment with simple, geometric forms, and was influenced by movements such as the Bauhaus. He remained active until his death in 1964, leaving behind a lasting legacy as a pioneer of modern art and design.

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