Mid-century mirrored glass picture frame by Fontana Arte, 1950s


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About this vintage design furniture

A perfect conditions mirrored glass rectangular picture frame designed and manufactured by Fontana Arte, one of the leading manufacturers of Mid-Century Modern design in Italy. The Mirrored Glass Picture Frame by Fontana Arte is an example of mid-century modern style. The frame is made of mirrored glass, which was a popular material for Mid-Century Modern design due to its reflective qualities and sleek, modern look. The glass is cut and shaped to create an interesting, asymmetrical pattern that adds visual interest to the frame. The use of mirrored glass also creates a sense of depth and reflection, which can be used to highlight the photograph or artwork being displayed. The frame is relatively simple, with clean lines and a minimalist design that lets the artwork take center stage. Overall, this Mirrored Glass Picture Frame by Fontana Arte is a beautiful example of Mid-Century Modern design, and it would be a great addition to any collection of vintage or modern design. Reference : 282832

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