Afra and Tobia Scarpa

Afra and Tobia Scarpa

Alfra and Tobia Scarpa are a couple of Italian designers. They designed several iconic pieces of furniture from the 20th Century.

The Scarpa couple designed the Soriana seats (1970), the Jucker lamp (1963), the Bastiano serie (1960) but also the Monk seat (1973). The pieces of furniture they designed have been produced by great companies such as Knoll International or Cassina.


Afra Bianchin and Tobia Scarpa were both born in Italy, respectively in 1937 and 1935. They studied at the Institute of Architecture in Venice. They started their carreer in 1958 by designing products made of Murano glass. They quickly met great success and collaborated with great companies such as B&B Italia and Cassina. They arranged shops for the famous fashion brand Benetton. Nowadays, the projects they created are exhibited in numerous museums worldwide. Beautiful international exhibitions honor the famous couple.

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