Vintage art deco desk set in portoro marble and brass, Italy 1930

Set of 3

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An art deco desk set made in Italy in the 1930s, in original condition with minor signs of use and age, the brass is in its original patina. The dimensions are those of the ink holder. This desk set is an exquisite embodiment of the opulent, geometric aesthetic that defined the Art Deco movement at the time. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this desk set exudes luxury, sophistication and timeless elegance. The set includes an inkwell, paper holder and signature pad, all carefully designed to harmonize with the overall aesthetic. The base material, Portoro marble, is a striking black marble with distinctive veins of gold or copper hues, which add a touch of drama and contrast to the ensemble. The marble is carefully cut and polished to highlight its natural beauty and unique veins. Brass, the quintessential material of the Art Deco era, is incorporated into the design to create a stunning juxtaposition with the dark marble. The brass accents, often featuring geometric shapes and clean lines, exude a sense of luxury and sophistication while complementing the inherent elegance of the marble. The Italian origin of the desk set reflects the country's long tradition of producing high-quality, luxurious goods. Italian craftsmen of the 1930s were renowned for their expertise in marble and metalwork, and this desk set is a testament to their skill and creativity. Placing this 1930s Portoro Art Deco marble and brass Italian desk set on a workspace will transform it into a luxurious and inspiring environment. Reference : 295665

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Set of 3
Art Deco
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