Vintage rectangular box in plexiglass and Vienna straw by Eldorado for Dior, Italy 1980


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A lovely rectangular box designed by Christian Dior and manufactured in Italy by Eldorado, it's marked on the top and in good conditions overall. The history of the relationship with the Maison Christian Dior began in 1973 with the meeting between Jean-Pierre Frère, collaborator of M. Christian Dior, as well as stylist at the head of the Maison – Art de la Table, and Nino Dell'Acqua, father of the founder of Eldorado, Aldo. The 1980s Italian Box is a striking and distinctive piece that embodies the innovative spirit of the era. This box exemplifies the fusion of modernist design principles with tactile materials, resulting in a visually captivating and functional work of art. The rectangular shape of the box is a nod to the geometric simplicity often seen in modernist design. However, what sets this piece apart is the expert use of materials – plexiglass and Vienna straw. The combination of these contrasting elements creates a juxtaposition of transparency and texture, captivating the viewer's attention and inviting them to explore the piece further. The Vienna straw's earthy tones and natural feel contrast beautifully with the sleekness of the plexiglass, creating a harmonious balance between the two materials. The removable box's lid adds to its functionality, making it an elegant storage solution that doubles as a decorative accent. The Box by Eldorado encapsulates the essence of its time. Its modernist design language, innovative use of materials, and seamless integration of form and function make it an iconic representation of 1980s design. This piece transcends its utilitarian purpose to become a statement of creativity, pushing the boundaries of traditional design and embracing the spirit of experimentation that defined the era. Reference : 295098

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