1919 - 2005

René-Jean Caillette

He is one of the great names of the Reconstruction. Through his creations, it is possible to perceive his ingenuity, his appreciation of sobriety and his desire to create simple and accessible design. He met with great success including the mythic Diamond chair (1957) by which he won the Grand Prix du Pavillon Français during the International Exhibition in Brussels in 1958. Biography René-Jean Caillette was born in France in 1919. He studied at the School of Applied Arts where he finished top of his class. In a post-war context, the reconstruction needs are inevitable. In this spirit, he became interested in furniture production in series. He met Marcel Gascoin, they both had the common envy to align the prices of signed furniture. So they founded together an association dedicated to this purpose (ACMS). He is also one of the founders of the Groupe Saint-Honoré and the Groupe 4. He exhibited regularly during the Home Economics Show and the Decorative Arts Show. In 1952, he won the René Gabriel prize. Caillette had profoundly marked design history thanks to his social approach of design.

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