1899 - 1986


Mart Stam revolutionized design. The Cantilever chair, also knows as “S33 chair”, is the result of a technical prowess because the seating is not supported by the typical arrangement of four legs. The chair is made of steel pipes. This creation reflects his interest for the functional aspect.


Mart Stam was born in the Netherlands in 1899. He studied at the Royal School for Advanced Studies then he worked for an architecture studio until 1922. The following year, he founded the “ABC” magazine with several Swiss architects. The designer moved to Berlin and invented the Cantilever chair thanks to steel pipe. Marcel Breuer and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe were really enthusiasts about this revolutionary creation, they took inspiration from this chair, Breuer said that it was his idea! The case was referred to the courts and Stam won the trial. In 1930, he moved to the URSS with 19 other architects and urbanists to create Stalinist cities. After he came back to the Netherlands, Stam became the director of the Institute of Industrial Arts then of the Institute of Arts of Berlin.

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