Franz Ehrlich

During his entire career, Ehrlich resisted against the Nazism. He has shown a real and impressive resistance force: he never gave up his convictions and Bauhaus. The 602 line of furniture, designed in 1957 for the Hellerau workshops, is particularly renowned. Biography Franz Ehrlich was born in 1907 in Germany. He trained as a mechanical fitting in Leipzig. In 1927, he studied at Bauhaus in Dessau. He took classes with great names including Paul Klee and Kandinsky. In 1930, he graduated in plastic arts and became a member of the German Communist Party. Then, he collaborated with Walter Gropius, Hans Pölzig and Mies van der Rohe. At the same time, he worked for clandestine journals. He was arrested and sentenced in 1934, and then he was deported to a Nazi concentration camp in 1939. Thanks to art and drawing, he resisted against the SS. After the war, he continued his architect work. In 1980, there was the first exhibition consecrated to his work.

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