Their collaboration began in 1984 with the Coriandoli collection for Zucchetti. Then they designed the Zetamix 3000 mixing faucet. Together, they also created the Flu desk lamp. This pieces of furniture met with great success. Biography Barbieri and Marianelli are both graduated of architecture of the Polytechnic Institute of Milan. At the beginning of the 70s, they founded an architectural firm which closed in 1989. Barbieri collaborated with many schools such as the School of Design in Milan and the School of Instrustrial creation (ENSCI) in Paris. He also founded his own architectural firm and designed the Oscar collection (1994). Marianelli founded the Marianelli Design with the architect Cesare Torno in 1995. He taught at the Faculty of Architecture in Wroclaw in Poland, but also at the ENSCI. He designed the Delfi collection but also the Metropolis and the Nemo during the 90s.

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