Tito Agnoli

He found his inspiration by studying the Bauhaus and the functional movement. He designed many pieces of furniture for grand companies such as Arflex, Oluce, Montina, Lema or Cinova. The “Floor Lamp” or the “Rondo sofa” are timeless pieces thanks to their sober and clean lines. Biography Tito Agnoli was born in Peru in 1931, in an Italian family. He chose his country of origin and particularly Milan to study architecture. During his studies at the Faculty of Architecture, he met Gio Ponti and Carlo De carli and became their assistant. Quickly, he designed many pieces for Italians producer. He has been recommended for the Compasso d’Oro (Italian prize). He won the gold medal at the Neocon in Chicago in 1986. It is possible to admire some of his work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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