Georges Frydman

During his entire career, he wished to create an alliance between architecture and design. His work is characterized by a real modernity. He designed very beautiful pieces of furniture such as desks, sideboard, chairs and tables thanks to the design, manufacturing and distribution company he founded. Biography George Frydman was born in France in 1924. He developed a real interest for interior furnishing after he met Le Corbusier, an architect and designer that he admired. In 1954, he founded a society called the “Equipement Fonctionnel de l’Habitation” which became the EFA Company. He organized a show-room in Nice (in the South of France) dedicated to his society. The journalist André Bloc appreciated his work and wrote about it for his review dedicated to architecture. In 1966, Frydman received the prestigious René Gabriel prize, a reward honoring designers of furniture in series with a qualitative and economic approach.

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