1888 - 1976

Lucian Ercolani

Prolific and talented designer, he marked the world of design thanks to several pieces of furniture. The Butterfly chair (1958), the Windsor serie (1956) and the Quaker chair (1960) are nowadays renowned pieces for their design and their quality. Biography Lucian Ercolani was born in Italy in 1888. At the age of ten, he moved to England. Then, he studied at the Shoreditch Technical Institute and discovered furniture design. In 1910, he met Frédérik Parker and worked in his company. During the next decade, he worked with the Parker firm, a manufacturer which partnered with Willi Knoll to become the Parker Knoll Company. It is renowned for the design and the quality of its chairs and armchairs. He also collaborated with Gomme’s. At the age of 32, he founded his own furniture manufacturer: ERCOL. It has a positive international image thanks to an excellent quality of the pieces of furniture produced.

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