1893 - 1974

Christian Dell

He is particularly renowned to be the pioneer of the use of plastic in design. In fact, he worked with different materials including Bakelite and aminoplast. During his entire career, he designed more than 500 models. The Kaiser Idell lamps are mythic pieces. The name is a contraction of his last name, of the “idea” word and of the name of the manufacturer. Biography Christian Dell was born in 1893 in Germany. He studied silversmith and worked as an apprentice for the Schleissner & Söhne factory in Hanau. Then, he worked for several workshops in Dresden, Weimar, Munich and Berlin. From 1922 to 1925, he became the master of the metal workshop of Bauhaus in Weimar. He began the creation of several desk lamps made of metal collection. Then, he worked with Geber. Kaiser & co, the manufacturer who produced the Kaiser Idell lamps he designed. After the Second World War, he decided to dedicate his work to the jewelry items. He managed a shop in Wiesbaden from 1948 to 1955.

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