1927 - 1994

Gaetano Sciolari

Sciolari was an outstanding businessman, but also a creative designer. During his entire career, he designed incredible and beautiful lights such as the ‘Mod A5011’ hanging lamp (circa 1950), the ‘4079’ floor lamp (1965) and the Cubic chandelier (the 1970s). Biography Angelo Gaetano Sciolari was born in 1927 in Italy. After he graduated in architecture, the young man came back to his first passion: cinema and in particular filmmaking. However, after his father’s death in 1949, Sciolari had to manage the familial company of light production. In a few years, the designer transformed it on an international enterprise! The Sciolari manufacturer became the first Italian lights seller in the United States (imported by America by Lightolier & Progress Lighting)! People of America saw Sciolari’s products on the famous Dall tv show! Gaetano was a brilliant businessman, but he was also a prolific and talented designer. He worked for the great names of design such as Stilnovo, Boulanger and Stilkronen.

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