1903 - 1985

Ole Wanscher

The pieces of furniture designed by Wanscher are famous for their high quality and elegance. He created iconic pieces such as the ‘Egyptian’ stool (the 1960s), the ‘Cado’ seatgroup (the 1960s) and the ‘Colonial’ armchair (the 1960s). Wanscher’s pieces were mainly manufactured by Fritz Hansen and P. Jeppesen. Biography Ole Wanscher was born in Denmark in 1903. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where he met Kaare Klint, a professor. Once he graduated, he joined the Klint’s studio and worked for him during 3 years. Then, he created several furniture collections and he collaborated with AJ Iversen, a cabinetmaker. His will was to produced pieces of furniture for the greatest number. He found his influences during his several trips in Greece, Egypt, and China. He was inspired by the classic and English furniture from the 18th Century. His pieces of furniture are really appreciated by the connoisseurs of Mid Century Modern furniture.

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