1911 - 2011

Poul Cadovius

From the beginning of his career and during his entire life, he designed pieces of furniture which offer an infinite number of combinations and a real adaptability to all kind of rooms. In 1944, he created one of his most remarkable and mythic piece: the Royal System. These modular shelves are still considered as a reference by the world of design. Biography Poul Cadovius was born in 1911 in Denmark. He studied to be a saddler and an upholsterer. Then, he became interested in design furniture and particularly in modular wall system. His purpose was to create pieces of furniture which could be adaptable to all the different interiors. So he designed many modular system collections whose number of combinations is impressive. Then, he decided to continue this functional approach by creating flat-pack furniture. He bought the France & Son Company and named it Cado, he designed many pieces for this firm with other designers. Thanks to his innovative approach of modular shelves and flat-pack furniture, Cadovius is considered as one of the greatest designers of the 20th Century.

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