1898 - 1976

Alvar Aalto

He is a major figure in Finnish design. Throughout his life, he wished to create a perfect harmony between aestheticism, functionalism and respect of landscape. The researched balance between tradition and modernity led him to explore the plywood utilization. The Paimio 41 armchair, the Tea Trolley and the Pendant Lamp are the reflection of his innovating style.


Alvar Aalto was born in 1898 in Finland. After his architecture studies he founded his own agency after his graduation. Thanks to his architectural conceptions, he became famous on the international stage. His approach of design refers to the Scandinavian modernist movement, by opposition to the classicism. Aalto had his own style: he loved to experiment materials by placing them at the center of his creations and to develop asymmetric curves in the purpose of creating functional and elegant pieces of furniture. His work is part of an organic approach and of an admiration for the nature. Differing from the geometric and industrial materials trend advocated by some of his contemporaries, Aalto became one of the most renowned designers of the 20th by its innovative approach.

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