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Molteni is a famous Italian brand, particularly known for having produced Gio Ponti's creations. It produces designer furniture with impeccable manufacturing quality, signed by renowned designers all over the world. The history of Molteni began in 1934, when Angelo Molteni founded his own company in Giussano, Italy.

In the 1950s, the "Arredamenti di Angelo Molteni" company grew from a craft shop to an industrial company. The 1960s saw the use of machines such as presses and dryers, new industrial production techniques that enabled Molteni to produce high-quality designer furniture faster. In 1968, Molteni's furniture production underwent a small revolution, with the arrival of Luca Meda, a student at the Ulm School. Molteni goes from classic to modern, and focuses even more on mass production. The 1970s were characterized by the arrival of Afra and Tobia Scarpa, who designed successful design furniture for Molteni, with high quality finishing details. It was also in the decade that Molteni entered the world of "contract" and large projects in force, to assert a know-how that would propel him as a leader in this field with the realization of major projects (embassies, hotels, etc.). In the 1980s, Molteni developed new design furniture with the arrival of Aldo Rossi, father of the Carteggio furniture and the Milano chair. A little later in the 90s, Jean Nouvel signed the project of the Fondation Cartier in Paris, whose furniture for the famous "Less" series was made by Unifor, a furniture that would become an icon of design in the world for its minimalism. In the 2000s, Molteni & C expanded even further internationally.

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