Green vintage Tomato armchair by Eero Aarnio for Adelta, Finland

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About this vintage design furniture

Eero has always been drawn to the circular form and is perhaps best known for his designs ‘without edges’. The Tomato chair combines three circles on a basic seat, with two as armrests, one stretched to be a comfortable back. It is made of fibreglass which makes it suitable for outdoor use as well. Tomato was designed in 1971 by Eero Aarnio. After the success of the Pastil chair, Eero Aarnio had gained international attention, and made connections with his customers all around the world. One day in the early 1970s he heard that an American ophthalmologist loved to read the newspaper in the pool, floating in the Pastil chair. The only problem was that from time to time he would flip over and of course, newspapers and water don’t go well together. He wished Eero would design a chair that would stay steadily afloat. Eero began to think about this ‘customer feedback’ and accepted the challenge. It was true, the Pastil chair does float and it can carry a person across water, but it is not completely stable for this purpose. How could Eero make one that would be more stable “I thought, if I would add armrests and a more defined chair back then it would be fun for the water, and so the Tomato chair was born”, Eero recalls. On top of functionality Eero Aarnio never rules out the ergonomics of the form. The Tomato was named to reflect the two round shapes one sees looking at it from the front, like two circles in the word tOmatO. Merging perfectly in the collection of Eero Aarnio’s other fiberglass furniture, the Tomato is voluptuous, geometrically symmetrical and nowhere near dull. The chair celebrates the best features fiberglass can offer, giving the piece smooth form, luxurious shine, and durability. Rare vintage green version of this iconic piece of design, some wear du to its age, pls have a look at the pictures.

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141 cm
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About the designer


Eero Aarnio is a Finnish designer. His colored creations and the use of innovative materials made him one of the most important designers of the 20th Century.

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