Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy is a great French designer from the 20th Century. The agency he founded in New-York is renowned for its famous recommendations: Coca-Cola, Loreal etc.

He designed in 1965 the DF 2000 chest of drawers in plastic, famous for its pop colors. As a timeless piece, it always seduces the design lovers just like the DF 2000 desk and the X-Line sideboard (the 1960).


Raymond Loewy was born in Paris in 1893. He quickly impassioned himself for design and won the first prize at the age of 15 during the aeronautic Gordon Bennett cup. He joined the French army during the First World War and was awarded by the Legion of Honour. In 1919, Loewy moved in the United-States. He became window dresser in New-York then fashion illustrator for Vogue. He became after artistic director for Westinghouse. He founded his own design agency one year later and worked for great companies such as Shell, Coca-Cola, Loreal, Lu, Monoprix etc. He became a naturalized citizen of the United-States and then he drew the Lucy Strike cigarette packet in 1940. He retired in 1980 after an amazing career.

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