Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin is one of the greatest French designers. He is renowned for his modern vision and for the right balance between precision and organic he created.

He was inspired by Scandinavian furniture, Japanese style and the work of the couple Eames. The pieces of furniture he designed are characterized by simplicity, functionality and durability. His seats made of jersey are real references as the success of the Ruban (1966) and the Mushroom (1963) armchairs and the Amphis sofa (1969) demonstrates it.


Pierre Paulin was born in 1927 in France. After studying at the Camondo School, he worked for the workshop founded by Pierre Guariche and Michel Mortier. His name and his work became quickly renowned in the world of design. His creations were exhibited in 1953 during a show dedicated to home economics. Then, he became responsible for the layout of the Christian Dior’s offices. In 1970, he began working with Mobilier National. He designed several pieces of furniture for George Pompidou President then for President François Mitterrand. In 1975, he founded with his wife the AD/SA agency. His creations are legendary pieces which are exhibited in major museums around the world. Paulin marked the mid-century modern design.

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