Gérard Guermonprez

Gérard Guermonprez

Gérard Guermonprez is a French designer from the 20th Century. He is renowned for the wood pieces of furniture he created, for their simplicity and functionality.

The pieces of furniture designed by Guermonprez are known for their simplicity and solidity. They all have the AMF label, some exclusives pieces are numbered.


After studying at the famous French School Boulle, he exhibited his first creations during the French show dedicated to the Home Economics, from 1954 through 1976. In the middle of the 50s, Guermonprez presented his first pieces of furniture composed of oak-tree with lacquered black metal bases. In 1957, the designer began to work with Magnanice. It is the beginning of his notoriety : his pieces of furniture are delivered throughout France and in North Africa.

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