Nisse Strinning

Nisse Strinning

Nisse Strinning is a Swedish designer and architect. He is known all over the world for the modular shelving system he designed with his wife Kajsa.

Strinning is a talented and forward-thinking designer. In 1949, he designed one of the iconic pieces of furniture from the 20th Century: the ‘String’ shelves.


Nisse Strinning was born in 1917 in Sweden. During the 1940s, he studied architecture at the Royal Institute Of Technology in Stockholm. Quickly, their creations are composed of coated metal wires. He designed the ‘Elfa’ drainer; it was a great success! With his wife, the young designer worked about the shelves design. After the Second World War, the population lived in small spaces. In consequence, Strinning and his wife decided to produced economical and practical shelves. In 1952, the designer created two companies: String Design AB and Swedish Design AB. During is career, he received many rewards such as the Bonnier 1st prize in 1949 and the ‘Classic by Svensk Form’ prize in 1999. His work has been exhibited in several museums all over the world (Sweden, United States, France…).

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