René Gabriel

René Gabriel

René Gabriel is a French designer from the 20th Century. He had a profound impact on design: he created economic pieces of furniture with a perfect alliance between aestheticism, robustness and sobriety.

The possibilities offered by the industrial production of his own time permitted to him to used new material and technical. He really wanted to create economical furniture in series but also to design aesthetic pieces. The sobriety of his realizations is still a source of inspiration.


René Gabriel was born in France in 1899. He studied at the School of Decorative Arts of Paris. In 1919, he presented his first creations during a show. He participated to the realization of the French embassy exhibited during the international exhibition dedicated to Decorative Arts and Modern Industrials. By 1927, he began his research about furniture in series and he proposed furniture composed by stackable elements. In 1944, the Ministry of Reconstruction and urbanism asked him to design emergency pieces of furniture. Then, Gabriel was appointed President of the Society of Artists Decorators. In tribute to his major role, the Show dedicated to Home Economics created the famous René Gabriel Prize.

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