Cees Braakman

Cees Braakman

Cees Braakman is a Dutch designer. He is renowned for the influence he had on design in Netherlands. His creations are known to be innovative.

He was a real supporter of the Eames’ work for Herman Miller. He inspired by their technical approach to design his own creations. He made his mark on Dutch design history thanks to legendary pieces such as the SM05 chair (in wire steel), the S33 desk (1958) and the TM05 service (the 50s).


Cees Braakman was born in Netherlands in 1917. At the age of 17, he began his designer career by working for the producer UMS Pastoe. Then, he went to the United-States to learn more and more about design. It was at this time that he discovered the creations of Charles & Ray Eames. When he went back to his country, he decided to try out a new material: plywood. He wanted to design functional but also aesthetic pieces of furniture. His collection composed by modular cabinets is a perfect example of his will. Braakman knew how to mark Dutch design history thanks to his creations with geometric forms and innovative technology.

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